George Siegfried doesn’t think himself an inventor; but the man behind the GesK shirt stays that also keep pants up without suspenders sure acts like one.

“The idea was prompted by observing men in airports, malls, out on the street, with their pants slowly riding down, often having to grasp their pants to hold them up, and looking disheveled and not professional,” said Siegfried, a retired plastic surgeon and former U.S. Navy commander who now lives in Stuarts Draft, Va.

His inspiration was that a “shelf in the shirt” attached to the belt could grasp and hold up pants and keep shirt tucked in at the same time.

That’s the working idea behind the GesK device, which attaches to the belt and shirt to keep everything in line.

Siegfried has an extensive medical background, but no formal training in engineering, which makes his work in developing the GesK Pants Up shirt stays all the more fascinating.

“The very first attempt at providing a shelf in the shirt was done by sewing in a tube of foam rubber, and then keeping that below the belt, and letting the belt catch on this foam. This technique was difficult, because I couldn’t determine the exact position to put the foam,” Siegfried explained.

“The next attempt was a wooden device that had a hook on it, that I actually carved out of wood. It looked like it should work, so I went to an engineer and had a three-dimensional reproduction done of this product, and over several modifications, the devices came to their final form.”

The Gesk Pants Up support device sells for $11.99 retail and can be purchased here!

Below, you can take a look at our video which talks a bit more about our shirt stays, how they work, and the people who made this wonderful product come together.