Why Choose GesK Over Suspenders

A few reasons why GesK shirt stays work better than suspenders

One of the main things that we brand our shirt stay on is the idea that it keeps pants up without suspenders. Suspenders are normally worn to keep your outfit tidy, and while they do work nicely, many people are reluctant to wear them for several reasons. GesK understands these reasons and we designed our product to make up for these pitfalls.

For a lot of people, a belt works just fine at keeping shirts tucked in and pants up. However, not all people are shaped the same, and they need something extra to make sure that their outfit doesn’t fall apart. If you’re one of these people, and you need something to keep you looking good around the clock.

Less noticeable

Arguably the best thing about our shirt stays is that they’re virtually unnoticeable. You clip the plastic onto your shirt and belt and it holds the outfit together seamlessly. When you wear it, you won’t be able to notice the little piece of plastic keeping your pants up and shirt tucked. Additionally, nobody else will see it! Suspenders are very noticeable and can sometimes ruin an entire outfit. With GesK, you can look tidy in the easiest and most discreet way possible.  

Less strain on your shoulders

Suspenders rely on your shoulder to hold up your pants. This, unfortunately, can be uncomfortable and put a lot of stress on your shoulders and back throughout the day. If you suffer from any neck or back pain, suspenders are only going to make the pain worse. GesK, on the other hand, doesn’t source its support from your body but rather from itself. It connects the shirt to the pants in order to keep your shirt tucked in and pants up.

More comfortable

Even if suspenders don’t cause neck and back pain, they can still be incredibly uncomfortable especially if you have to wear them all day. They affect how mobile you are, become loose and stretched out, and fall off of the shoulders if their not adjusted properly. All in all, they can be a pain to wear all day. GesK is made of smooth plastic, which doesn’t cause discomfort or irritation. In fact, most people can’t even notice if it’s there when they wear it.


Suspenders are like any other article of clothing: you can’t wear the same pair every single day without people raising their eyebrows. Additionally, if you want a pair of suspenders that are comfortable, keep your outfit together nicely, and don’t fall down, then you can’t get away with a cheap pair. Add that to the fact that you need a few to look kept together and the price could add up. Our shirt stays work really well, you only need one to last for a while, and they’re very inexpensive. You only need one of these products and you still get the incredible results for years.

Not convinced? Try GesK today! We offer free shipping on all of our shirt stays. For more information on our product, view our video or contact us today!