Why to Tuck in Your Shirt From a Woman’s Point Of View

We’re painfully aware that no one wants to tuck in their shirt. It’s awkward, uncomfortable and kind of hard to keep the lumps from showing up on the butt of your pants. It’s still a necessity for some social events. For example, if a man shows up to a first date wearing a dress shirt that’s untucked, his date is going cringe inwardly. Granted, you’re right, it’s not that bad. You did take the time to button every tiny button on that $50 shirt, and while that’s appreciated, if you don’t tuck it in nicely, all of your hard work is wasted.

For Style’s Sake
There’s a reason the average city-dwelling man is always depicted in movies and high-end adds with a tucked-in, crisp, white button-down shirt, potentially paired with some sleek, hip-hugging trousers and a leather jacket. No matter what your style is, you can immediately update it by tucking your shirt in. Among some retailer’s collections, you’ll find t-shirts, pants and other clothing items that are tailored specifically for various body types. They pin sides to make the slopes of your body seem slimmer and more fluid rather than bubble, or trash bagged shaped, like most clothing items for men have been in the past. With these innovations at the forefront of fashion-minded people’s wardrobes, it’s no wonder that tucking in has always been a stay hold of their daily outfits.

If you’re wanting to corner the real estate on looking sharp and accessing the sleek lines of your own body, then you should be tucking in your shirt.

What to Avoid
That being said, there are events when you should not be tucking in your shirt. There are even styles of shirts that are specifically designed to give you the option of tucking in. You’ll see some dress shirts with a flat bottom, this is there to make sure you don’t look totally slobby if you’re going to leave it untucked, despite our best advice. The shirt where it’s not an option is the button down with tails. Just because Tommy Wiseau thinks he looks cool with tons of belts and his shirt tails out does not mean it is cool. Emulating fashion can be a great idea, but only if the person you’re basing your ideas off of is actually cool.

That being said, looking like James Dean with your shirt tucked in is going to be much easier with a shirt lock. That sort of style takes a certain amount of precision in the execution of the look. If you pair it with the right jeans and a shirt holder, you’ll be able to pull off that bravado and your confidence will show through because of that. In fact, with a device that can keep your shirt tucked without much effort, quite a few style options open up to you. You’ll easily be able to appropriately tuck a polo shirt to maximize its classic appeal, or even allow you to wear a Hawaiian shirt without looking like some strange dude on a cruise ship who’s always at the buffet. If you can keep a shirt tucked attractively, you’re halfway to mastering the chic aesthetic that designer model on the billboard has.

Carefully avoid the “hipster wearing strange suspenders” look, and check out the utilitarian, style enhancing shirt lock that GesK offers instead. We’re proud to help pave our customer’s way to looking as stylish and put together as they can. So far, we’ve successfully accomplished that goal. Men who buy our product don’t end up looking like a plumber when they bend over. Check out our tutorials to see our other happy customers.