Why Every Man Should Own a Shirt Keeper

There are many things that separate the boys from the men, so to speak, but easily one of the most prominent ones is your fashion. A gentleman dresses with stylish sophistication; a boy dresses with juvenile taste, giving little care to his presentation or the statement he’s sending.

One of the most common aspects of a gentleman’s look is tucking in the shirt. When everything is right, the shirt, the tuck, and the trousers, a tactfully tucked-in shirt can ooze with sophistication.

Unfortunately, even the most careful man may easily find his shirt getting untucked, or his look disrupted by basic movements. While looking slick is undoubtedly a worthy pursuit, it’s annoying to any man when their look gets in the way of basic things such as comfort and functionality.

That’s why every man should consider investing in a shirt keeper. What is a shirt keeper, and why do you need one? Let’s take a look.

What is a shirt keeper?

It’s easiest to think of a shirt keeper as reverse suspenders. Suspenders clip onto your pants and have bands that are meant to hold your pants up, preventing them from falling down. Conversely, shirt keepers are designed to pull your shirt down, preventing it from riding up. Traditional shirt keepers are quite similar to suspenders in design — they clip onto your shirt, and elastic bands are pulled down, attaching to your socks to provide constant pull to the shirt.

Unfortunately, stretchy elastic bands rubbing the legs isn’t something that most men want to deal with, which is why we designed GesK! GesK Pants Up is a shirt keeper that achieves the same result as the traditional kind, without the maintenance. GesK clips onto your shirt, and a hook underneath catches onto your belt rim, preventing the shirt from riding up. It achieves the same purpose as a shirt keeper, but at a fraction of the price, while being much more comfortable and versatile.

Why You Need a Shirt Keeper

So, why would you need a shirt keeper such as GesK Pants Up? Let’s look at a few reasons why shirt keepers are much more useful than you might imagine.

Shirts Can Untuck Themselves Without You Noticing

Shirts, particularly button-downs, are notoriously expert at untucking themselves from basic everyday movements. At best, it’s a minor annoyance that you catch quickly and fix yourself. At worst, it happens when you don’t even realize, and you’re walking around with a partially-tucked shirt. A GesK shirt keeper would avoid this fate, preventing the shirt from riding up at all.

Loose Tucks Diminish The Look

A tucked in shirt needs to be done properly; if not done well, it comes off as tacky. The most effective tucked-in shirts are usually form-fitting and have to be pulled tight to keep their look. It’s extremely easy for the shirt to ride up — even if it doesn’t untuck, it’ll often result in a much more baggy shirt, causing you to look more like a muffin than a gentleman. Shirt keepers, such as GesK Pants Up, allows the shirt to constantly have pull, meaning you won’t look like you’re wearing a loose bag after a small amount of normal movement.



Properly Tucked Shirts Are More Comfortable

Anyone who’s worn tucked in clothing can relate to the struggle of it starting to ride up, resulting in an annoying mess of folds mashed together under your pants.

When you use a shirt keeper, it keeps your shirt nice and snug, generally preventing the warping that happens to your shirt otherwise. This makes for a more comfortable experience.

You Have a Full Range of Motion

Some shirts tuck better than others, but with almost every shirt, you’re somewhat limited in your motion, lest you risk the shirt riding up. Raising your arms and bending over is particularly annoying; a non-stretchy shirt means that it will ride up or untuck every time.

When you wear a Gesk Pants Up shirt keeper, you’ll be able to feel at ease, knowing you can run, jump, or climb to your heart’s fancy without your shirt untucking.

Get GesK Today

Tired of not having a solution for your untucked shirt? Looking for a device to keep your shirt tucked in? Consider getting a GesK Pants Up shirt keeper! We know you won’t regret it. Order one today from our online store!