Tucked vs Untucked – How to Know Which Style to Wear

When it comes to fashion, it’s the little things that can make or break your appearance. Most people, after all, are generally aware of the obvious rules — only the most exceptionally fashion-unsavvy people will be leaving their house with striped pants and a polka-dot shirt, but far more men will often go out tucking in their shirts the “wrong” way, or mistakenly leaving them untucked.

There are many occasions where tucking is better than untucking, and vice-versa. That’s one reason why we invented the GesK Pants-Up shirt keeper; we have a habit of tucking in our shirts, and it’s important for your shirt to stay tucked in instead of riding up and undoing itself. However, before you put a shirt keeper on, you need to know whether you should be tucked in or not in the first place. Here are some ways to know whether you should tuck or untuck your shirt.

Is it Meant to Be Tucked?

The first tell-tale sign is simply determining whether the shirt is meant to be tucked or not. Indeed, some shirts tell you straight up, and you’ll probably look juvenile if you ignore their guidance.

You’ll want to be looking at the bottom hem. Is it flat and even the whole way around? That generally means it works as an untucked shirt. Meanwhile, an uneven hem with tails in the front or back indicates that the shirt should be tucked. The rare style savant can pull off these shirts untucked, but in more occasions than not, you’ll just look silly wearing shirts like this over your pants.

How Long is the Shirt?

We feel obligated to mention that there are no rules or requirements when it comes to fashion. Some men just don’t care as much as others, but if you are actively interested in wanting to improve your look, you should follow certain fashion standards.

One important clue in knowing whether to tuck or not is examining your shirt size and how it fits. If it meets certain criteria, you should tuck, regardless of hem style, and of course, certain styles lend themselves better to untucked looks.

Too Short – Tuck It

In reality, you shouldn’t really be wearing shirts that are too short. It’s a silly look that makes you look like you don’t know how to dress. However, we empathize with the struggle of shrinking shirts. Shirts shrink in the wash all the time, sometimes even if you’re trying to prevent it, and you might be in denial that your favorite shirt no longer fits you anymore.

If the shirt doesn’t fall to your belt line, it’s too short. Even when it reaches the belt, it’s often not long enough, because moving around in the wrong way or standing up straight will pull it up.

Luckily, tucking is a good option here! You can salvage shrunken shirts by tucking them in. This is one situation where GesK shirt keepers are immensely helpful! A shirt that’s too short might resist staying tucked in — put a shirt keeper on, however, and they’ll perpetually stay tucked. Order one today from our online store!

Too Long – Tuck It

The “sweet spot” for shirt length is generally below your waistband and above your crotch. If it falls comfortably within that region, you’re probably safe leaving the shirt untucked, so long as the hem is right.

Got a shirt that goes past that? Does it cover the space where your legs connect to your abdomen? It’s too long! Tuck that in. While long shirts stay tucked better than short ones, it’s still useful to have a GesK shirt keeper here, as it can prevent the fabric from moving around excessively underneath, creating an uncomfortable sensation or riding up constantly.

How Does the Shirt Fit?

Another key indicator you should be looking at is the fit of your shirt. One unspoken style rule of men’s fashion is that shirts should, for the most part, be fairly form-fitting. Don’t mistake this with tightness; a shirt that clings to you like vacuum sealed shrinkwrap is an ill-fitting look for even the hunkiest men. On the other hand, a loose shirt that hangs over your body like a garbage bag is also tacky

Your goal, then, should always be to have a form-fitting shirt. If your shirt naturally fits well, shaping your body naturally and being a reasonable length, you can probably leave it untucked. If it hangs down awkwardly and engulfs your form in its amorphous mass, tucking it in and tightening with a belt can pull it in, leaving it snug.

The general rule of thumb is that loose shirts should always be tucked in unless the shirts are deliberately designed to be worn loose as a fashion statement. And, of course, loose shirts are also great candidates for GesK shirt keepers! When you’re keeping an otherwise loose shirt tucked to preserve tightness and a snug fit, you can bet that it’s going to ride up and escape your pants every chance it gets; GesK shirt keepers will prevent this, keeping them firmly tucked in place.

Keep Your Tucked Shirt Where It Should Be

Hopefully, this advice will help you to be more aware of how to style your shirt correctly. Like we said — little things go a long way, and knowing when to tactfully tuck or untuck can have a significant impact on your personal look.

For those times where you’re going out with a tucked shirt, don’t underestimate the value of a quality shirt keeper, such as Gesk Pants-Up! Maintaining the tucked in look is essential for keeping things stylish, and GesK will allow your shirt to stay snug, with no risk of riding up or coming undone. Order one today!