Why GesK Shirt Keepers are Great for Women

Let’s face the facts — men don’t have a monopoly on the need to keep their shirts tucked in. It is certainly a problem that they have to deal with, but it’s silly to think that women don’t go through the same struggle. And yet, for whatever reason, shirt keepers are predominantly marketed towards men. In reality, tucking in shirts is in vogue for women just as much as it is for men, if not more so. In both professional and casual capacities, there are abundant ways to rock the tucked-in look.

We recommend GesK shirt keepers for anybody who needs to keep their shirt tucked in, and even though shirt keepers traditionally target male demographics, we know women will be just as happy with our product. Here are some reasons why GesK is a great solution for women who want to stay tucked:

There Are Countless Tucked In Styles In Women’s Fashion

It’s a little ironic that shirt keepers primarily target men, because truth be told, there is a much wider variety of styles in ladies’ fashion that utilize tucked-in shirts to great effect. While a man wearing high-waisted shorts and a loose button-down might look like a dweeb, a woman wearing a tasteful version of that same combination can absolutely kill it.

The bottom line is that she just has more options; a much wider variety of shirts and blouses, and endless variations of pants, shorts, and skirts in different lengths and fits. Women have just as much of a need to find ways to keep their shirt tucked in as men do, if not more. If you’re a lady who has ever been frustrated by how easily your shirt becomes untucked, consider picking up a GesK shirt keeper today!

Traditional Garter Shirt Stays Aren’t Compatible With a Lot of Women’s Clothing

Okay, so there is one reason why shirt stays aren’t marketed as much to women — the traditional type, with garters that hang from your shirt and attach to your socks, are impractical for a lot of ladies’ styles.

If you want to wear shorts or a skirt, traditional shirt stays aren’t ideal — unless you like the look of garters sticking out, stretching down your whole leg. We’re guessing you probably don’t, which leaves them off the table.

Even pants can’t save a lady from the impracticality of garter shirt keepers. While some pants will work just fine, women tend to wear a tighter fit than men, which might have visible signs of the shirt stay garters underneath, making it a no-no.



The Alternatives Aren’t Great

Truth be told, there aren’t a lot of great products on the market for women to stay tucked. One solution, which is growing in popularity, is to wear a bodysuit. Bodysuits are a great way for your shirt to stay tucked because they’re functionally similar to a leotard. That, however, means that bodysuits are more limited in utility; you can only wear them when you want a tucked look, and there might be more comfortable solutions than wearing a leotard all day.

GesK shirt keepers are easy, effective, and well-hidden beneath your clothing. If you try one today, we know you’ll love it!

GesK: A Shirt Keeper for Everyone

At the end of the day, our goal when creating GesK was to make a product that was ideal for anyone and everyone, man or woman. If you’ve been dying for solutions to stay tucked, GesK is for you. Order one today!