Meet George Siegfried, the mastermind behind GesK Shirt Holders

There is no valid reason why you should look sloppy when there are simple and easy to use devices that make sure that you always look good. If you’re a guy, the one thing you can always do to spiff up your outfit is keep your shirt tucked in and pants up. Unfortunately, this isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

That’s where GesK shirt stays come in.

Meet George Siegfried, the mastermind behind GesK

Before George Siegfried brought the technology behind GesK shirt stays to the forefront, he lived a very fulfilling and service-oriented life. George was born in Richmond, Virginia and went on to attend the Virginia Military Institute and then graduate from the University of Richmond with a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry. After graduation, he went on to the Medical College of Virginia to become a Doctor of Medicine.

Siegfried, after receiving his acclaimed degree, served in the U.S. Navy as a commander for twelve years. After that, he married and had four children and opened up a plastic surgery practice in Anchorage, Alaska where he worked until retirement in 2007. Currently, Siegfried is running and improving his product designed to hold in pants without belt, known as GesK, while also hobby farming!