Keep your pants up, and look good while doing so.

There is no reason why you should look untidy, especially if the technology to keep pants up with suspenders exists. It’s time you tried out GesK, a shirt-stay that offers an easy and discreet solution to sagging pants and untucked shirts. Say adios to an untidy appearance, and say hello to always looking put together.


  • GesK is a shirt-stay that is virtually unnoticeable yet very effective at keeping your shirt tucked-in and pants up without suspenders!
  • GesK is made from plastic, which makes the product smooth to the touch and more comfortable than any other product used to keep pants up!
  • This shirt-holder is sold at a low price that can’t be found elsewhere.

Not everyone wants to wear suspenders for various reasons, and we don’t blame them. Why not go the more discreet route with our shirt-stays. Not only will you look great and put together, but you’ll also feel comfortable while doing so. Be your best self, look good, and shop GesK today.


  • Only $15.99
  • Lightweight, easy to take on and off, and made from soft and smooth plastic
  • Ships for free within the United States


How to Use

GesK shirt-stays aren’t difficult to use, and once they’re on, you can’t even tell they’re there. That’s what’s so magical about this product: you feel nothing and still manage to look put together.

Step 1:  Put pants at the level that is comfortable and looks good. Pull shirt out of pants. Pull shirt down to overlap belt level.

Step 2: Place GesK support device chip at belt level, hold it against shirt, and turn shirt over. Keep chip against shirt.

Step 3: Feel prong on back of chip through shirt fabric.

Step 4:  Place ring at an angle into the circular groove then, with thumbs, roll both sides of ring along edges of prong. Make sure ring snaps into the groove. Undo pants and belt, place shirt into pants making sure all plastic devices are below belt and waist of pants. The bottom of the belt should fit the “J” shaped hook. Keep belt tight so the hook cannot slip up. Your pants should now be secure, and the device should also keep shirt tucked!

You can remove the GesK shirt stay device from the shirt by grasping the fabric at the point where it is attached to the prong of the device. Grasp the device with your other hand and twist your wrist. The device should pull apart from the ring readily. Do not place the ring on the prong unless there is material between the ring and prong, or else the ring is very hard to remove. In the event that it does get stuck, use a teaspoon to pry the ring off of the device.

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4


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