Calling all retailers: if you’re interested in selling GesK in your stores, please contact us today, and we can provide you with more information on wholesale opportunities for our shirt stays. GesK is a safe, easy, and convenient product that is sure to spark the interest of your customers. We’d be more than happy to discuss the benefits of selling GesK at your retail store. Here are some places where GesK would fit in:

Clothing stores

GesK is a shirt stay device designed to keep your shirt in and your pants up easily. The device is small and discreet; it works well with almost every pant and shirt combination. We suggest you sell this product alongside belts and suspenders, as it acts as a replacement for both.

Shoe stores

Most shoe stores also sell belts, and GesK could be a simple addition to your shop. Place it closer to the cash and wrap for customers to see and purchase on their way to check out. It’s intriguing enough to capture the attention of shoe shoppers.

Gift shops

GesK makes the perfect gift for people who both work in a business setting or who want to look good on a daily basis. A shirt stay is a perfect gift on its own because of how useful it is. Additionally, it’s also the perfect supplementary gift, given how inexpensive it is.

Supplies stores

GesK fits in just about anywhere. It’s something that almost anybody can use; nobody wants to look messy, and everyone wants a solution to keep their pants up and shirt tucked in.  And, suspenders can sometimes ruin the look of an outfit.

GesK can fit in at just about any store, and we recommend it to any type of store, especially ones that also sell clothing, gifts, and accessories. Learn more about our product via our shirt stay video and contact GesK today for wholesale opportunities.